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"So far (I've only been playing a week) this is my favorite server. The players are very friendly and I've been able to learn the game, start my own settlement, and fight some tough mobs in a very short time."

- Ravenna

"Friendly community, I'm semi new to the whole Wurm aspect and they're real helpful. Sticking with this server!"

- VahnSolo

"Host is friendly and understanding, the community is great for helping both with jobs and with knowledge, good mods built in and their own personal modder, all in all, great server."

- HunterChicken

"This server is great, The admins are always willing to help you when needed. It is a great community of people from all over the world. This is an awesome server and I would recommend it to anyone."

- Anastasia

"Server owner is a fantastic dude, community is friendly and I am the overlord of all islands. Overall the server is a tonne of fun."

- Phoenixanimus

"Cool server with a great community and awesome people. Honestly everyone is chill and willing to help out with any issues or questions you have. When I joined I was new to Wurm and they helped me along my way to where I am now and most likely, beyond!"

- Lady be a luck tonight