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There are two kingdoms available to choose from immediately after logging in. Freedom and HotS (selecting “none” defaults you to Freedom). Each kingdom has their own server for players of that kingdom to play on. These are considered ‘home’ kingdoms.
You cannot change kingdoms once chosen.
You cannot access the server belonging to the other kingdom. Cross-kingdom interaction will only be in the Wild.
You are only allowed to have 1 Freedom character, and 1 HotS character. You will use the same characters in the Wild. You are not allowed to have any alts within the same kingdom.

Freedom Isles

Home of the Whitelighters; followers/priests of the gods Fo, Vynora and Magranon.
Freedom Isles is recommended for those willing to work with others. This is because you won’t be able to do everything yourself. You will need other players to help with things relating to gods other than your own.


Home of the Blacklighters; followers/priests of Libila. Land of the self-sufficient.
HotS is recommended for those that are wanting to be more self-sufficient. Libila offers many similar perks to those of the 3 gods, allowing players to do most things themselves without relying on others.

Other than the gods and the perks they provide, the two servers are near identical. The main difference is that HotS has some minor adjustments due to the fact their god is Libila.
All servers have 5x skill with a curve so it gets a bit harder at higher lvls and 5x action.
Both home kingdoms are PVE. For anyone not willing to risk dying at the hands of another, it is recommended that you avoid entering the Wild.

After choosing a kingdom and designing your character, you will be in the spawn for your chosen kingdom. The portal will lead to your kingdom’s world.
Once in the town you are free to leave, explore and have fun.


The Wilderness is accessible to both whitelighters and blacklighters. It is the only place where you can interact with those from the opposing kingdom. However, the kingdoms are at war, and competing to claim the Wild.
Each kingdom owns a small stronghold. These are considered “safe zones” and are the starting points in the Wild. You cannot enter or destroy the enemy stronghold. Attempting to do so will most probably result in your death.
Building towers allows you to claim land and create deeds, but beware the danger of being killed by the enemy kingdom.
PVP is enabled.
Access is only via portals. You can only use the portal belonging to your kingdom. This prevents you from entering the enemies home server. HotS can enter the Wild, and return to HotS. Freedom can travel to the Wild, and return to Freedom.
All skills, and any items you can carry, will transfer over.


All players have the ability to create a free starter deed. These starter deeds are 5x5x5x5 and 0 perimeter (they come with 5 perimeter as default). The starter deed starts with 2 free guards, and you have the ability to hire extra guards later to a max of 5 guards.
Upkeep is enabled, and you receive 7 days free upkeep on creation.
The maximum deed size is 41×41. Keep in mind that a larger deed costs more in terms of upkeep. Failure to keep up with upkeep payments will result in your deed disbanding.
The guards you hire will not attack rare monsters.


You can choose to follow a god, and later become a priest, while on your home server. You cannot convert religion while in the Wild.
Priests are mostly limited to their own set of spells. This is to encourage people to request help from those under other gods, rather than doing everything themselves.

Whitelight Gods

Fo: deity of nature.
Passive healing bonus at 20 faith 10 favor.
+15% skill gain to nature, cooking, healing and first aid
20% slower drain for hunger and thirst.
Vyn: Goddess of knowledge, creation, water and fishing.
+10% skillgain to all skills except fighting and characteristics.
7.5% shorter repair time.
Shorter action timer when building walls/paving roads.
Mag: deity of fighting for justice and freedom.
+15% skill gain to all Fighting skills.
+10% ql gain when improving metallic items.

Blacklight God

Lib: evil, dark goddess of the Horde of the Summoned
regain health from corpses by consuming their residual life energy
+15% skill gain to Religion, alchemy and natural substances.
+10ql gain when improving leather items.