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We wish it was enough to just say, “be considerate,” and “use common sense.” We’d love it if all players thought of how their actions would impact others and avoided doing anything that created an unreasonable advantage, or was unpleasant for those around them. However, we’ve found it necessary to spell out what we expect, and have come up with a set of basic rules to that effect.
If in any doubt about what we expect, ask a GM before you proceed.

Mature Content

No mature content in any public areas, please. We usually have children and/or seniors playing, and at all times we want to keep this server inclusive of everyone. Keep your character names rated G.


Do not build, mine, terraform, or clear-cut any areas off your own deed. DO NOT begin working on an area until you finish deeding over the entire space you want to work on. DO NOT work first then deed later. Keep in mind how much space you own and do not make plans that exceed the maximum size limitations.

Exceptions include:
A few random trees off-deed are ok. Just what you need to build your own cart, tools, crates, etc. Don’t ever mine into someone else’s deed perimeter.
Short, direct, single-tile-wide roads (unofficial roads/paths) leading to nearby resources or a close neighbour are allowed. No tunnelling, and minimal impact on the area please.
Very minor terraforming or logging to help make a short section of shoreline passable is also fine. No land bridges that block waterways, please.
Clean up after yourself when you are not on your own deed. This includes dirt piles, logs, corpses, rocks, butchered items, crafted items, etc.

As a general rule, small off-deed improvements that increase access and enjoyment for all are acceptable and encouraged. However, constructions that tend to limit access, or favour only a few players at the expense of others, are not acceptable. An example of an off-deed improvement might be adding a well to an area that is far from a large water source.

If your deed disbands, it is now considered “off-deed” and it is no longer available for your use, exactly the same as any other spot in the wild. Please let a GM know if you have left any items or mines behind. Thanks!

Official Off-Deed Work

Official GM-approved road work will require logging and some terraforming, but don’t tunnel or build canals longer than 30 tiles until a GM approves your project application.

Highways: Must be made of stone brick (except where passing through a deed) and be 2 tiles wide. Must have a waystone at each end and every crossroad. Must have catseyes along the entire length. Highways need to follow natural terrain as much as possible.

Towers: Minimum ql must be 50ql. Towers need to be at least 50 tiles apart, and built alongside a highway.

Bridges: Must be made of stone brick only. All bridges connected to a highway must be 2 tiles wide. 10+ slope to allow passage of large ships.


Max deed size 41 x 41 (20 in each direction, or equivalent). 1 deed max per character.
When founding your deed, make it 5x5x5x5 and set the guards to 2. Extra perimeter setting at 0 (you automatically get 5 as default).
Please do not deed right next to another player without talking to them first. Deeding too close prevents both of you from expanding.


2 characters max per person. 1 character max in each Freedom and HotS.,br />
You are only allowed to have 1 character to play in Freedom, and 1 character to play in HotS.
These characters will be the ones used in the Wild.

Client Mods

Most client mods are okay. Macros and bots are definitely not okay, including the Client Helper Mod, or a fast-click mouse. Anything that automates your play so that you don’t have to be right there clicking every time is not allowed on this server. Our rules are the same as for Wurm Online. Please make sure you read the definition we’re applying before you play.
(scroll down)
(Check the Mod List page for a list of our Server mods.)



Players may ask whatever they wish for their goods within reason; however, as a server standard, most pricing will be as follows:
– 2c per QL for items 10-49 QL (45 QL item = 90c)
– 5c per QL for items 50-69 QL (65 QL item = 3s 25c)
– 8c per QL for items 70-79 QL (75 QL item = 6s)
– anything the seller asks, for items 80+ QL
Rare materials will naturally charge more.


This is very bad for the economy, unless confined to just a few inexpensive items, such as a couple of sprouts or a piece of cotton. Giving Away is sometimes used as a scam to dominate a corner of the market. For example, if one player asks for a PC (price check) on a set of armour he wants to buy, and a rich player jumps in and offers it for free/nearly-free, this makes it much more difficult for newer smiths to gain any hold in the market. This type of Giving Away crosses the line into griefing.
If someone can not afford the price of an item, do not drastically lower your prices just to sell to them. If they can not afford to buy it, then it means they aren’t up to a point in the game where they should be buying it. For example, a new player shouldn’t be attempting to buy steel armour right after joining. By lowering your prices to accommodate them, it destroys the economy. This also includes giving items away purchased on the store.

Making Money

There are plenty of ways to make money, so please do not complain about not having any.
Bounties: The default rate, please check the Bounty Mod page for more info.
Burning Corpses: As a way to keep the server clean, players who burn the corpses of things they kill can earn a small amount of coin.
Trader: Please do not spam the trader with high-cost items, as it leaves little or nothing for the ones who sell after you. Spamming the trader ruins the in-game economy and may result in a warning. If you continue to do such things it may result in you being banned. Please do not use the traders as a way to dispose of your low-value items such as those you get from butchering creatures.
Highways: Players can apply to a GM to make official 2-lane highways or other roads.You can get up to 1s per 20×2 section of Highway. See forums for full details about how to make a proper highway, and the rewards for doing so.
Guard Towers: You will receive 5s per tower, see forums for more info.
Bridges: if pre-approved by a GM, then 25c per length for a 2x wide bridge, 10c per length for 1x wide. See forums for more info.
Players: As long as people price things accordingly, and follow the rule of not handing out free stuff, then it should be relatively easy to set up a business and sell to other players.


As a warm thank you to those who donate to help with server costs, we have set up a STORE to offer rewards for those who donate. All donations help keep the server running and are greatly appreciated. You can click the store menu above for a summary of goods and services offered.

Politics, Religion, Exclusion

Please don’t discuss politics or religion (excluding the ingame religions) in the public chats, including Science if you are making a religion of it (i.e. stating it as an alternative to religion, rather than just commenting on cool scientific facts and/or speculation). Anything that divides or excludes people, or suggests that “obviously” any intelligent person would agree, creates drama and is not okay here.